A vaccination is a treatment which makes the body resist a particular infection by a substance that makes the immune system react. The immune system is the way in which the body fights infection and makes someone less likely to get infected. If the vaccinated person gets exposed to the disease via a virus or bacteria, the immune system will fight it and may not get sick. A persons immune system learns to fight an infection when Immunized. Another word used for vaccines is immunization.



The goal of immunization is to prevent disease. Immunization can happen from vaccination and also can happen from getting the infection. For example, a person can be immune to hepatitis B if he gets sick with the disease and gets better.  He is immunized from getting it again. Until a disease has disappeared, it remains a risk to unimmunized people. A person can also be immunized from  hepatitis B by taking the hepatitis B vaccination.   If we stop immunization against diseases that are still circulating, it will infect the unimmunized and which in turn, will spread to others, leading to outbreaks, or epidemics.


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