Despite what you have been told by your Travel Agent and Google, the following are our recommendations for your Travel Abroad


Yellow Fever ( Must be done 10 days before travel)



Acute viral haemorrhagic disease originating in Sub Sahara Africa & tropical South America. Transmission is by Aedes Spp mosquito between humans & primates. Vaccination is necessary for those travelling to endemic areas. The vaccination lasts for ten years and is active from 10 days after injection. It is a live activated vaccine.
Hepatitis A


Viral infections of liver affecting young and old. Spread via fecal-oral route as well as contaminated water source. Common in the lower socio-economic countries.

Vaccination: Avaxim This includes two doses; 1 immediately at consultation and another 1 month later

Hepatitis B


Viral infection of the liver which may continue into hepatocellular carcinoma & liver cirrhosis. It is found in the lower socio-economic countries esp Africa. It is spread by blood products and bodily fluids. Vaccination is encouraged in those who may be exposed to the virus e.g. Healthcare workers, travellers to endemic areas and those involved with unsafe sex.

Vaccination include a combined vaccine for Hep A & B - Twinrix. This is a dosage of 3 injections and then 1 month later then 6 months later. This covers fro 25 years.



Acute infectious disease caused by Salmonella typhi causing headache, fatigue, fever, rash, diarrhoea, constipation. It is commonly found in Asia, Africa & South America. It is spread via contaminated water & infectious individuals.

Vaccinations include Thyphim VI- a once off injection with antibody coverage within 15 days, lasting for 3 years.



Acute infectious disease spread by the famale anopheles mosquito between humans. The parasite involved is of the genus plasmodium (vivax, ovale, malaria, falciparim, knowlesi) and is common in tropical and sub-tropical regions such as sub-saharian Africa, Asia and the America's. No current vaccination is commercially available. Chemoprophylaxis is advised for travellers to Endemic areas.


Acute infectious disease due to vibrio cholera of the intestine causing profuse "rice water" diarrhoea and vomiting. It is spread via fecal contaminated food and water. Vaccines for cholera include oral drops of Dukorall vaccine. This is an inactivated whole cell vaccine.


This is a disease causing flaccid paralysis of the muscles due to cell necrosis and may lead to respiratory failure. It is a virus named poliovirus with 3 serotypes. It is transmitted to people via fecal oral and oral-oral route. It is more common in Asia, S Asia, Middle east and South East Asia.

Vaccination is oral drops which confers life long immunization.

Flu Vaccine














Pentaxim 6-10-14 Weeks



18 Months - 6 - 12 years



Adacel Quadra



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